Sunday, October 21, 2012

Club Nocturne

Saturday, October 20th, 2012 

DJ Ash: 
Normal, The - "Warm Leatherette"
Kas Product - "Never Come Back"
Sunshine Blind - "Is There"
Demone, Gitane - "Incendiary Lover"
Diva Destruction - "Enslaved"
New Order - "Vanishing Point"

DJ Necromos: 
Nomi, Klaus - "The Twist"
Witching Hour UK, The - "She's Alive"
Tones On Tail - "Burning Skies"
Mephisto Walz - "Shadow Fax"
Skeletal Family - "She Cries Alone"
Wake, The - "Harlot"
Christian Death - "Dogs"
Alien Sex Fiend - "She's A Killer"
Black Atmosphere - "Melt"

DJ Burning Skies: 
Vivian Girls - "John, I'm Only Dancing"
Adam & The Ants - "Desperate But Not Serious"
Cure, The - "Do The Hansa"
Bauhaus - "Scopes"
Lunch, Lydia - "Orphans"
Stone 588 - "Lightning Rails"
Mescaline Babies, The - "Skeleton Kids"
Christ Vs. Warhol - "Dissent"
Horrors, The - "Sheena Is A Parasite"
Fangs On Fur - "Dead Or Alive"
Birthday Party, The - "Zoo Music Girl"
Siouxsie & The Banshees - "Nicotine Stain"
Naked And The Dead, The - "Taboo"
Martial Canterel - "Refuge Underneath"

DJ Ash: 
Depeche Mode - "Dream On"
Mission UK, The - "Wasteland"
Sisters Of Mercy, The - "Marian"
Joy Division - "A Means To An End"
All Gone Dead - "The Holy City Of Karbala"
Bloody Dead And Sexy - "Cheeks"
Clan Of Xymox - "Jasmine And Rose"
Tones On Tail - "Christian Says"

DJ Necromos: 
Clan Of Xymox - "I Want You Now"
Switchblade Symphony - "Witches"
45 Grave - "Slice O' Life"
Antiworld - "Banshee"
Cristian Death - "The Drowning"
Barnes And Barnes - "Cemetery Girls"
Tones On Tail - "Go!"
13th Chime - "Sally Ditch"
Zombie Zex - "Hands In Pants"

DJ Burning Skies: 
Duchess Says - "Gainsbourg"
Cold In Berlin - "God I Love You"
Sex Gang Children - "Children's Prayer"
Alien Sex Fiend - "R.I.P. (Blue Crumb Truck)"
Sex Beat - "Sex Beat"
Christian Death - "Figurative Theatre"
Action Pact - "Gothic Party Time"

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Cell

Saturday, October 6th, 2012 

DJ Burning Skies:

Set 1: 
Grimes - "Vanessa"
Blancmange - "Running Thin"
Austra - "Lose It"
Depeche Mode - "Satellite"
Park, Karin - "Ashes"
Bowie, David - "Always Crashing In The Same Car"

Set 2:
Rotersand - "Electronic World Transmission"
Das Ich - "Schwarzer Stern"
Assemblage 23 - "Madman's Dream"
And One - "Computer Star"
AutoKratz - "Always More"
Unterart - "Now Or Never"