Sunday, December 16, 2012

Club Nocturne

Saturday, December 15th, 2012 

DJ Persephone: 
Dearly Departed - "Shall I Play Them For You?"
Devics - "Form"

DJ Callum McGowan: 
Simple Minds - "Somebody Up There Likes You"
Police, The - "Invisible Sun"
Fiction Factory - "Feels Like Heaven"
Stranglers, The - "It's A Small World"
Love And Rockets - "Mirror People"
House Of Love, The - "Shine On"
U2 - "I Fall Down"
Psychedelic Furs, The - "Highwire Days"
Flock Of Seagulls - "It's Not Me Talking"
Talk Talk - "Such A Shame"
McLaren, Malcom - "Madame Butterfly"

DJ Persephone: 
Aesma Daeva - "Introit"
Delerium - "Lost And Found"
Dax, Danielle - "When I Was Young"
Cure, The - "Pictures Of You"
Cause & Effect - "She Said"

DJ Burning Skies: 
Rose, Frankie - "Night Swim"
Adam & The Ants - "Antmusic"
Naked And The Dead, The - "Kisses Like Death"
Antiworld - "Banshee"
Christ Vs. Warhol - "Robin Hood In Reverse"
Soft Moon, The - "Die Life"
Bloody Dead And Sexy - "Traurig"
Cold In Berlin - "Destruction"
Vanishing, The - "Victim Card"
Cure, The - "A Short Term Effect"
Death Ride '69 - "State Of Decay"
Damned, The - "Love Song"

DJ Callum McGowan: 
Fixx, The - "Red Skies"
Hazard, Robert - "Escalator Of Life"
Red Rockers - "China"
'Til Tuesday - "Voices Carry"
Bush, Kate - "Running Up That Hill"
Siouxsie & The Banshees - "Melt"
Tones On Tail - "Performance"
Sisterhood, The - "Colours"
Depeche Mode - "New Dress"
Dominatrix - "The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight"

DJ Persephone: 
B-Movie - "Nowhere Girl"
O'Conner, Sinead - "Mandinka"
L'Ame Immortelle - "Masquerade"
Oingo Boingo - "No One Lives Forever"
Placebo - "Ashtray Heart"
She Wants Revenge - "Broken Promises For Broken Hearts"
Sisters of Mercy, The - "Dominion / Mother Russia"

DJ Burning Skies: 
Angels Of Liberty - "Monster In Me"
Idol, Billy - "White Wedding"
Stone 588 - "Sleep Chamber"
Sex Gang Children - "The Crack Up"
Fangs On Fur - "Snake"
Lunch, Lydia - "Atomic Bongos"
Siouxsie & The Banshees - "Happy House" (Live)