Sunday, February 17, 2013

Club Nocturne

Saturday, February 16th, 2013 

DJ Mina: 
Tones On Tail - "The Rain"
Corpus Delicti - "Out Of Steam"
Siouxsie & The Banshees - "Painted Bird"
Ghosts Of Lemora - "Red Wine, Cigarette"
Sisters Of Mercy, The - "Logic"
Nezzy Idy - "Resurrection"

DJ Burning Skies:
Thompson Twins, The - "Kamikaze"
Visage - "In The Year 2525"
Numan, Gary - "The Machman"
Violet Tremors - "Nothing"
Fear Cult - "Drop Dead"
Coil - "Love's Secret Domain" (R)
Joy Division - "These Days"
Love & Rockets - "All In My Mind"
Gene Loves Jezebel - "Heartache"
Be Forest - "Wild Brain"
Soft Moon, The - "Insides"
Bolshoi, The - "Away" (R)

DJ Mina: 
Depeche Mode - "But Not Tonight"
Xymox - "Cry In The Wind"
Bauhaus - "Double Dare"
Christian Death - "The Blue Hour"
Duran Duran - "My Own Way
Skinny Puppy - "Deadlines"
Virgin Prunes - "Walls Of Jericho"

DJ Burning Skies: 
Young, Paul - "Come Back And Stay"
Cure, The - "Secrets"
Malaria! - "Your Turn To Run"
Vanishing, The - "Black Umbrellas"
Death Cult - "God's Zoo" (R)
Bloody Dead And Sexy - "Candy Box"
Super Heroines - "Death On The Elevator"
Devo - "Girl U Want"
Horrors, The - "Gloves"
Arctic Flowers - "True Words"
Siouxsie & The Banshees - "False Face"
Duran Duran (R) - "Careless Memories"
Sisters Of Mercy, The - "Marian" (R)

DJ Mina: 
Xymox - "Imagination"
Duran Duran - "The Chauffeur" (R)
Lunch, Lydia - "Stares To Nowhere"
1919 - "After The Fall"
Cave, Nick And The Bad Seeds - "Opium Tea"
Depeche Mode - "Halo"

DJ Burning Skies: 
Adam & The Ants - "Kick"
Heart - "Lovemaker"
Dekoder - "Hate Song"
Bauhaus - "In The Night"
Belgrado - "Kozmar"
Fangs On Fur - "Cigarette"
Naked And The Dead, The - "Taboo"
Christian Death - "Skeleton Kiss"
Joy Division - "Digital"
Specimen - "Stand Up Stand Out"
Alien Sex Fiend - "R.I.P. (Blue Crumb Truck)"