Sunday, September 8, 2013

Moira Scar, Deep Teens, Centre, Daisy World

Saturday, September 7th, 2013 

DJ Burning Skies: 
Hot Chocolate - "Emma"
Red Temple Spirits - "Dive In Deep"
Legendary Pink Dots, The - "Citadel"
Zola Jesus - "Night (Versions)"
Dum Dum Girls - "Play With Fire"
Lycia - "The Facade Fades"
Ash, Daniel - "Closer To You"
Life's Decay - "Gloria"
Echo & The Bunnymen - "In Bluer Skies"
Faith & The Muse - "The Unquiet Grave"
Nomi, Klaus - "The Twist"
Concrete Blonde - "Darkening Of The Light"
Passions, The - "I'm In Love With A German Film Star"
Eurythmics - "For The Love Of Big Brother"
Bauhaus - "King Volcano"
Knife, The - "Heartbeats (Live)"
This Mortal Coil - "Strength of Strings"
Almond, Marc - "The House Is Haunted"
Bush, Kate - "Army Dreamers"
Strawberry Switchblade - "Deep Water"
Virgin Prunes - "Decline And Fall"
Rasputina - "Tourniquet"
Immaculate Fools - "Tragic Comedy"
Specials, The - "Ghost Town"
Joy Division - "Means To An End"
Visage - "Fade To Grey"
Public Image Ltd. - "Death Disco"
Numan, Gary - "Films"
Vanishing, The - "Paralyzed"
Burning Image - "Shadows"
Mephisto Walz - "Alle In Asche"
Xmal Deutschland - "Manchmal"
Chameleons, The - "Tears"
Be Forest - "Wild Brain"

DJ Necromos: 
Tones On Tail - "Go!"
Phantom Limbs - "Hot Knives and Hornets"
Switchblade Symphony - "Gutter Glitter"

DJ Burning Skies: 
Dreams In Hell - "You Can Forget"
Frankie Rose - "Night Swim"

DJ Necromos: 
Corpus Delicti - "Absent Friend"
Christian Death - "Spiritual Cramp"
Sisterhood - "Giving Ground"

DJ Burning Skies: 
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - "Spinning Round"
Alien Sex Fiend - "Another Planet" (R)
We Are Hex - "We Are The Goer"
Vivian Girls - "John, I'm Only Dancing"
Adam & The Ants - "Dog Eat Dog"
Balaam And The Angel - "Two Into One"
45 Grave - "Party Time" (R)
Horrors, The - "She Is The New Thing"
Bloody Dead And Sexy - "Bloody Rose"
Lords Of The New Church, The - "Dance With Me" (R)
Veronica Lipgloss And The Evil Eyes - "Bleed To The Beat"
Misfits, The - "London Dungeon"
Christ Vs. Warhol - "Robin Hood In Reverse"
Gun Club, The - "Sex Beat"
Williams, Rozz / Daucus Karota - "Love Lies"
Silent Scream - "Burning Car"
Skeletal Family - "The Night"

DJ Necromos: 
Ghosting - "One Bullet"

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