Friday, May 17, 2019

Batcave - SF

Thursday, May 16th, 2019 

DJ Burning Skies:

Set 1:
Cabaret Grey - “Stirring”
Dead Branches - “Nostalgia”
Deaf Dance - “Beauty Slave”
Esses - “Glorious Poison”
Bauhaus - “Bite My Hip”
Nox Novacula - “Michelle”
Ötzi - “Charms”
Cruz De Navajas - “Imperialismo”
Delta 5 - “Mind Your Own Business”
Last Days Of Jesus, The - “Death Song”
Naked And The Dead, The - “Taboo”
Siouxsie & The Banshees - “Mirage”
Duchess Says - “Narcisse”
Vanishing, The - “Victim Card
Fangs On Fur - “Fangs On Fur”
Screature - “Movements”
Altar De Fey - “Elisa Lam”
Christ Vs. Warhol - “Dissent”

Set 2:
Fade To Black - “Ultraviolet”
Action Pact - “Gothic Party Time”
Horrors, The - “She Is The New Thing”
45 Grave - “Evil”
Chameleons, The - “Don't Fall”
Bloody Dead And Sexy - “Traurig”
Christian Death - “Mysterium Inquitatis”
Lords Of The New Church, The - “I Never Believed”
Malaria! - “Your Turn To Run”
Horror Vacui - “Corvus Corax”
Veronica Lipgloss And The Evil Eyes - “Bleed To The Beat”
Hagen, Nina - “Born In Xixax”
Sex Gang Children - “Beasts”

Set 3:
Virgin Prunes - “Pagan Lovesong”
Xmal Deutschland - “Polarlicht”
Cult Of The Psychic Fetus - “Coffin Beggar”
Lunch, Lydia - “Atomic Bongos”
Cramps, The - “Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?”
Germs, The - “Lexicon Devil”
Wire - “Three Girl Rhumba”
Joy Division - “Colony”
Damned, The - “In Dulce Decorum (Single Mix)”
Sisters Of Mercy, The - “Flood II”
Cure, The - “Other Voices”
Mission, The - “Severina”
Rose, Frankie - “Night Swim”
Dax, Danielle - “Pariah”
Cold In Berlin - “God I Love You”
Death Cult - “God's Zoo”
Tones On Tail - “Christian Says”
Adam & The Ants - “Desperate But Not Serious”

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